Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was preparing to journal today about the research I've started on MS and fibromyalgia and where they intersect. But, as usual, the radio is on, and Supertramp is singing "Right, Bloody well right." Then the Stones come on, and I might as well stop and veg, listening to the radio. And if I had a nickel for everytime I've done that...
But I digress. One point I've found where MS, and fibromyalgia intersect is neuropathy, so I'll start my research there. My cousin Judy has inspired this research. We now share physical pain, but throughout my life she has shared with me emotional pain, as well. It is also her fault that I had to stop to listen to the radio. She lived with us when I was 5, and taught me to roller skate at the local rink. Even though she was out of high school already and had her own life, she would spend Saturday afternoons with me watching the rock and roll programs of the day. Sitting here right now the only one I can remember is Bobby Sherman's, and that one because he was a favorite of mine.
Anyway, watch this space for further research.
And more rock and roll references.

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