Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was checking the weather channel, looking at the map for my part of IL, when an alert concerning the hurricane headed toward the Eastern seaboard caught my attention. Out of habit, I checked the city where some relatives of my ex-husband live. Automatically I made plans to call them, check on them and see if their area was in the path of concern.After all, I had been married 25 years, and I had always thought of them as "family."
Then I froze. Even though we had been in touch since the split, I had not heard from them in quite some time now. Maybe it was time to let it go.
I've always had trouble with that, letting go of someone.
In the natural stream of life people come and go out of our lives, but "goodbye" has always been a real struggle for me.
The disintegration of my marriage was almost more than I could tolerate. I have been working on the "letting go" for a very long time. If I couldn't have turned to family,friends, and my faith in God, the loneliness would have been crushing.
So I've come to understand that "letting go" is a journey, like any other in life.
And maybe someday, looking at the Weather Channel will just be "looking at the Weather Channel", something ordinary that doesn't hurt, no matter what the season.

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sunnflowergardens said...

I am glad you are working on this problem. I have the same one myself. It is not a easy thing to do. I still have it as a problem. Letting go is very hard. I enjoy reading your post