Friday, September 5, 2008

You're Fine!!.....NOT!!!!

Hey, MSers;
Have you ever gone to a doctor for a condition not related to your MS, except that's an oxymoron, because everything is related to the MS? And the doc looks at whatever problem you are having related to his specialty, and he says "You're lookin' good, if you have any more problems call me."
Yeah, can I give you a list of everything else that's wrong?
Good gravy!!

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Hi and welcome to the MS Blogging community. I came by way of Carole's link.

Just this week I wrote - Is it, or isn't it, MS which is bothering me right now? - which touches on this very topic. Too many specialists in my rolodex.

So I hope you do come check at Brass and Ivory as well as the Carnival of MS Bloggers.